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Ornitorrincos - "Ladrones de Riffs"

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Vinyl 7"

"There is something about this band and their urgency and commitment to half measure solos that is refreshing and makes me glad to have the opportunity to hear a great band like this from halfway around the world in Brazil. This is good stuff and I hope to hear more from these chaps."
Maximum Rocknroll #404

"Fast, thrashy hardcore punk that brings to mind early U.S. hardcore [...] these guys hail from Brazil, and add a little bit of their own but there's a sense of light heartedness that touches everything here. Seek this one out, as well as their split with La Flingue from a couple years back."
Razorcake #96

"Hailing from Porto Alegre, Brazil - Ornitorrincos (Portuguese for Platypus) belt out intense & menacing Punk Rock of the early 80a proto-Hardcore variety. Each song is based on a classic, American Hardcore band's sound. [...] I love this concept & tightness I execpt in such an endevador. Solid release..."
Pork Magazine #25

A1. Brand Flag
A2. (Violencia no es) Atitude
B1. Igrejinha Über Alles

Ladrones de Riffs by Ornitorrincos